Adv. Madhav Moreshwar Bhokarikar

Wednesday, November 25, 2020.


Madhav Moreshwar Bhokarikar, Advocate and Consultant.

Every day, in every field of our life, we are facing the challenges and have to accept them with or without our wishes but have to find out / have desire to find out the successful solutions. It can certainly be said that the challenges are to be solved amicably with support of morality and with the help of law. The profession of an advocate, consultant, legal counsel would always help us in this situation of probable, expected and actual difficulties and would help to tackle it with positive attitude and manner.

The issues, which we may face, may be social, economic, matrimonial, political or any kind of personal nature but we have to solve them satisfactorily with successful method by adopting the support of law. Hence the different fields of law have come to our knowledge, may be related – e.g. arbitration, banking and financial services, taxation disputes with different authorities, property disputes, matrimonial and family disputes, issues based on service law, constitutional and statutory rights, social legislations based on tenancy, watan, trust etc., / compensation and damages, commercial laws, cyber laws, intellectual laws. It is rather difficult to include all the issues of disputes / difficulties here and we can only say that whatever may the violation of our right, we have to find its remedy. This is the aim and object of this profession.

This may be called an effort of helping you all to solve the difficulties and even keep away those by exercise of this profession as acceptable since long by our society. I expect that you all will take the help, benefit and advantage of this efforts

I am an advocate and honestly believe to have knowledge of Indian laws. I joined the legal profession in the year 1985.I have started to practise in High Court since January, 2006and have been practicing in different courts and forums, tribunals.

I have been enrolled as an advocate by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.

I further declare that I am not offering any services by means of this website and have given my particulars/ details as per rules of our Bar council of India.