Adv. Madhav Moreshwar Bhokarikar

Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

About Us

Madhav Moreshwar Bhokarikar, Advocate and Consultant

I have completed B. Com. in 1982, LL. B. in 1985 and started the practice as an advocate and thereafter I also completed LL. M. which has superbly help me in this profession.

I have got the experience of conducting the cases in trail court, appellate court, different tribunals, different authorities, quasi-judicial authorities and also of high court. I have represented different constitutional bodies, educational institutions, companies etc. in the court of law, e.g. Maharashtra Public Commission, Tapi Patbandhare Vikas Mahamanadal ,Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeet, Parbhani etc.

The trail court experience is the basic foundation experience for this profession sothat one can understand the scope of difficulties, mischiefs of the people and circumstances from systematic approved method of adducing, taking the evidence in the form of documents, oral or circumstantial to be the successful in profession, that I got sufficient.

The experience of appellate court is an additional progressive step of this profession and I have enjoyed the same sufficiently.

The experience of quasi-judicial authority teaches us the probable difficulties of this profession and also suggests the answer for the same which I experienced for sufficient time.

Since January 2006, I started to enjoy the practise in high court and especially at Aurangabad (Maharashtra) where there is bench of Bombay High Court.In addition to the same, I also conducted the service matters at Central Administrative Tribunal, Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, Maharashtra Revenue Tribunal and also Employees’ Provident Funds Appellate Tribunal, Delhi.

I have conducted several cases based on the Constitutional Law, Law of Election, Co-operative Law, Property Law, Tenancy Law, Watan and Trust Law, Law of Damages and Compensation, Service Law, Labour and Industrial Law, Matrimonial and Family Law, Commercial Law, Law of Crime, Banking Law, Law of Education, Law of Contractetc. including issues based on Essential Commodities Act, Consumer Protection Act, Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, Railways Act, issues arisen due to improper decision of Caste ScrutinyCommittee and different types of civil disputes of complicated nature with complex issues.

The conveyancing, i.e. preparation of different documents like, Sale-Deed, Mortgage Deed, Gift Deed, Will Deed and different documents as per the requirement of the client.